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Dave Arcari — Stagolee — 2006

Vol. 1: Something Old, Something Borrowed
Buzz Records

The song is also featured on the 2007 album, "Come With Me."

"On the live circuit, I generally stick with my own material and play National steel guitar/bottleneck pretty much exclusively. At home (ie: in private!) I always mess about with regular guitars and stuff and as much as Mississippi John Hurt (along with Blind Willie Johnson, Bukka White, Son House etc) influences me, I'd never thought of doing a straight cover of any of his stuff. Someone sent me a promo of the Avalon Blues album (tribute to MJH) and I heard Beck's version which must've stuck at the back of my head. I was messing about and it just came out...I didn't even know I knew the words!"

Dave Arcari
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